The goal of this program is to promote and enhance the movement of our members to ensure health, safety and prosperous economy, as well as, to improve upon and expand local and regional transportation choices for our members.


At this time, we have only limited availability of operation until the end of the year.  We will be continuing to work on a schedule which is most beneficial for all members in the new year and our schedule is subject to change. 

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Riders with smaller children are required to provide their own infant carriers or booster seats for children.
  • Scheduled times and locations may vary depending on weather, unforeseen circumstances and necessary schedule changes.
  • Transit vehicles may be running late due to traffic, etc.  Please be patient. 
  • Transit vehicle will not return for riders if they are not ready and at the pickup area when the vehicle arrives.
  • No smoking, vaping or smokeless tobacco are allowed on Little Shell Transit vehicles.
  • No fighting, harassment, horseplay or disorderly conduct is allowed on Transit vehicles. 
  • No weapons or dangerous objects are allowed on Transit vehicles.
  • Service animals only are allowed on Little Shell Transit vehicles. Pets may ride if they are carried in small containers.
  • Hold personal items, store seat in pockets or under the seat.
  • No special stops will be made unless approved by management.
  • Any swearing or use of foul language is reason to withdraw your riding privileges.
  • Respect the privacy of other passengers.
  • Use audio/video equipment only with headphones.
  • Carry food and drinks in closed containers.
  • Please wear a shirt and shoes at all times.
  • Do not lie down or place feet on seats.
  • Do not interfere with transit vehicle operator while operating the vehicle.
  • Do not harass other riders.
  • Do not engage in loud or unruly behavior.
  • Do not litter.  Please help us keep our transit vehicles clean by taking any garbage or debris with you when you exit the vehicle.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed.
  • Hazardous, explosive or corrosive materials are not allowed.
  • Unlawful weapons or firearms are not allowed in Little Shell Transit vehicles.
  • Please do not leave bags unattended.
  • The Little Shell Tribe and Transit Program is not responsible for injuries, accidents, lost or stolen items.


Expulsion and suspension

  • If you violate these rules or other federal, state or local laws on or at a Little Shell Transit vehicle or route stop, The Little Shell Transit driver may ask that you leave the vehicle, and/or ban you from riding for a specific period of time. You may receive verbal notice of expulsion or written notice of suspension from the Little Shell Transit.  Failure to comply may subject you to arrest and/or prosecution for criminal trespass.
  •  We reserve the right to withdraw riding privileges at any time.


Passenger courtesies

Because transit brings together many people in a small space, we ask all of our customers to follow these courtesies:

  • Allow persons with disabilities and Elders priority seats.
  • Don’t reserve places by putting items on seats.
  • Respect the privacy of other passengers.
  • Keep your cell phone on vibrate and speak in a low voice.
  • Speak in conversational tones with your seatmates and other riders.
  • We appreciate your help and thank you for riding.


  • *Little Shell Transit does not operate on federal holidays. 
  • Riders who participate in the Little Shell Transit program services should take steps to protect everyone inside the vehicle.
  • Everyone must wear face coverings at all times.
  • Capacity may be limited to ensure that everyone is able to maintain social distance from everyone who is not in their household.
  • Allow sufficient time for the boarding and disembarking will be allowed so that crowds do not form at the doors and passengers can enter or exit the vehicle with at least 6 feet of social distance between each person or household group.
  • Riders should not use Little Shell transit if they are sick.


Thank you for riding with us!

2021 New Schedule

Monday – Dial-A-Ride 10a-3pm (Great Falls Area)

Tuesday – Dial-A-Ride 10am-3pm (Great Falls Area)

Wednesday – Out of Town Travel

1st Wednesday of Month – Helena VA

2nd Wednesday of Month – Choteau

3rd Wednesday of Month – Browning-Blackfeet Community Hospital

4th Wednesday of Month – Rocky Boy-Rocky Boy Health Center

*If No out of town travel, we can offer Dial-A-Ride on Wednesday

Thursday – Dial-A-Ride 10a-3pm

Transit Dial-A-Ride Contact – 406.315.2400 | Appointments – Make 7 Days In Advance